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Our aim is to get you to the best roads available, have you grinning from ear to ear each and every day so you are chomping at the bit for your next trip away. If you’re not grinning, we’re not winning.


“Stunning roads, simply stunning, up there with the best in the world!”


Our Tours

‘ChickenStrips’ european motorcycle tours are all about enjoying time on your bike, smiles in the miles! We don’t care what you ride, we don’t care what you choose to wear of an evening, just bring your sense of humour & a willingness to explore & we’ll take care of the rest.

Pico’s Playtime

May 26-Jun 2 2020 FULLY BOOKED

Pico’s Playtime

May 26-Jun 2 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)

Pico’s Playtime

June 23-30 2020 FULLY BOOKED

Pico’s Playtime

June 23-30 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)

Pico’s Playtime

Sep 15-22 2020 FULLY BOOKED

Pico’s Playtime

Sep 15-22 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)

Pyrenees Playground

Aug 12-19 2020 FULLY BOOKED

Pyrenees Playground

Aug 12-19 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)

Your Guilty Pleasure

2020 Tours

Check out our 2020 tours to see what takes your fancy!


“I went away with total strangers, made good friends & had the time of my life!”

Behind The Visor

Meet The Team

ChickenStrips is the brainchild of Bruce Smart and Simon Clare, both avid bikers who are to be found on two wheels at any time of the year, in any weather. The lads spent many years riding all types of roads across Europe to bring you the best on offer. Having seen what’s on offer elsewhere, ChickenStrips is here to fill the void.

Aspect image
Aspect image


Global Adventurer & Vlogger

Bruce TeapotOne Smart

Bruce hails from God’s country up in Scotland, having ridden around the world on a Superbike on his famous TeapotOne trip, there’s not many places he’s not ridden. An established author and cameraman, he’ll capture you’re Chicken Strips adventure on camera, so smile whenever he’s around!


Instructor & Social Convenor

Simon Which Way Clare

When he’s not working at Mr Wonka’s Chocolate factory, Simon spends his life drawing cartoons & is a qualified bike instructor. With nearly 900 years of riding experience, he was riding bikes when they had square wheels! Like a biking Yoda, he’s hard to understand and green, but also a magician on a motorbike, taking beautiful lines he’s a joy to follow.


How Tours Are Meant To Be

Our customers never go home without a smile on their face and stories to tell.

Amazing Experience

Russ Turner

An action packed Adventure from start to finish. Magnificent roads, views and pitstops with the added toppings of great company and banter.

Smiling Face

Simon Wood

Smart by name, smart by nature! Ride-outs with Bruce and Si always put a smile on your face and remind you of how blessed we are to be bikers!

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