Pyrenees Playground


Aug 12-19 2020


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Pyrenees Playground

Tour Highlights

Always a firm bikers favourite, the Pyrenees offer a veritable smorgasbord of bitumen bliss. Every type of road is laid before you as you glide through the mountains, from glorious sweepers & hairpins, to fast straights & technical sections, it’s all here for you to devour.

We start the trip with the relaxing ferry to Bilbao or Santander, where we’ll have time to get to know each other over some ‘refreshments’. Arriving into Northern Spain nice & fresh, we hit the fantastic roads practically straight out the gate, including the spectacular N260. Over the next 6 days we’ll zigzag our way along the Pyrenees in & out of France, Andorra & Spain, sampling the best roads on offer each day.

After devouring the very best roads on offer, we’ll finish the trip with a stop over in Pamplona where we can partake in its spectacular nightlife & social scene.

This trip is a proven favourite with all who partake so don’t miss out!

French Pyrenees

So many other tours miss out the gem that is the French side of the Pyrenees, but not here at Chickenstrips. Throughout your tour we’ll criss-cross our way between Spain & France, ensuring each and every mile is nothing but biking heaven.


Quite simply one of the greatest motorcycle roads in the world, and our Bruce should know as he’s ridden most of them! This glorious stretch of tarmac offers everything the biker can dream of, with a plethora of twists, turns, straights, hairpins, and views to take your breath away. Once you’ve ridden here, you’ll measure every other road by it.


After spending an amazing time in the saddle on the best roads available, we’ll finish the tour with a stopover in this beautiful city. Pamplona is renowned for its social scene, nightlife and sights, and you’re free to either explore yourselves or stay as a group to celebrate the last night of the trip.

Daily Mileage

Our daily mileage will be around 150 miles of exceptional tarmac. You’ll finish each day satisfied that you’ve spent the day in the saddle, but eager for what tomorrow brings. There is a short stretch of motorway on the first and last days to whisk us to/from the port to the stunning roads of the Pyrenees.


The hotels on this trip are exceptional. Many feature gyms and spa facilities, all include breakfast, and all are located in, or close, to populated areas with many cafes, bistros or shops for you to wander around in the evening, should you not wish to socialise with the group.

Pyrenees Playground

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Actual shots form the tour
Single Rider


Shared Room
  • Shared cabin on ferries
  • Shared room in hotels
  • Aug Dates – FULL
Single Rider


Own Room
  • Shared cabin on ferries
  • Own room in hotels
  • Aug Dates – FULL
Rider & Pillion


Total Price
  • Own cabin on ferries
  • Double room in hotels
  • Aug Dates – FULL
Pyrenees Playground

2020 Prices

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What’s Included
  • Ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao/Santander (with cabin)
  • 5 nights ensuite accommodation, including breakfast (drinks are not covered)
  • Full use of hotel’s leisure facilities
  • Secure overnight parking, most with cleaning facilities
  • Fully escorted tour by World Adventure rider Bruce ‘TeapotOne’ Smart
  • Edited YouTube Vlog of Tour highlights at
Not Included
  • Fuel
  • Meals onboard ferries
  • Daily meals and snacks outside of breakfast
  • Drinks
  • Tolls (we will only use motorways in the event of any significant delays in order to maintain route/ferry schedule)
  • Insurance (medical or motorcycle) & breakdown cover
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